Private Krakow Old Town Walking Tour with Afternoon Tea

Private Krakow Old Town Walking Tour with Afternoon Tea. This 3-hour walking tour will give you a deeper look into Krakow’s history. Take a stroll through the old town while visiting Krakow’s  most important sites; St. Mary’s basilica, the Jagiellonian University, and the Wawel Castle. Not only will we be covering the facts but the legends and myths that shape the city. Learn why this city has become one of the most famous in central Europe in terms of science, trade, and culture. Not only will you hear about Krakow’s history, but also of the current events that shape the city today and how they came to be. Stop at one of Krakow’s numerous historic cafes for coffee, tea and/or hot chocolate along the way.

Categoría: Tours privados y personalizados.

Inicio en: Cracovia, Polonia

Duración: 3 horas.

Precio: 43,00 euros.

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