Wieliczka Salt Mine: Complete Private Tour

Wieliczka Salt Mine: Complete Private Tour. Salt Mine in Wieliczka, located 10 km far from Krakow, in our opinion is one of the greatest monuments of Polish culture. Each year, more than  1 million tourists visit that amazing place! This historical, world class treasure features on the  UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List (since 1978).
The mine has been opened in 13th century and produced salt until 2007, what makes it probably the world’s oldest salt mine in operation. Chambers of mine reaches a total depth of 327 m (1072 ft) and corridors lingers for over 287 km (179 mi).

Categoría: Tours privados y personalizados.

Inicio en: Cracovia, Polonia

Duración: 4 to 5 horas.

Precio: 45,73 euros.

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